82116 Paradigma Dental Implant 4.3 x 15


Dental Implant with Closing Screw and Universal Healing Cap H. 4,2 mm

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1 Machined Surface

The surface with the lowest risk of developing peri-implantitis

2 Microstructured High Purity Surface

Sandblasted small grit | Acid etched triple attack | Plasma Double treatment

3 Flat Apex

Prevent accidental injury to noble structures and create a better stress and strain distribution.

4 Back Tapered and Platform switching

Greater amount of bone at the crest level and greater support for the soft tissue.

5 Microthread

Reduce stress and promote new bone formation.

Optimized Thread Design

Trapezoidal design with decreasing depth to optimize the primary stability


Hexagon 2.4 compatible with Zimmer®, MIS®, Bio-Horizon®, Bego®, Alpha-Bio®, etc.*

*Registered marks are shown for comparative pourposes only.

lenght, mm

7, 9, 11, 13, 15