89001 NX270 Implant Surgical Motor + Handpiece 20:1 with fiber optics + Multifunctional Pedal

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Made in Korea – Distributed by AXELMED SRL

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NX270 LED IMPLANT SURGICAL ENGINE (Complete with all accessories)

The Implant Motor NX is a large LCD, compact size, stylish Surgery Unit equipped with powerful optic fibers light, real time speed and high torque performances.

The compact control unit shows real time rpm and torque through digital panel. It helps users to perform a surgery more precisely.

Program button enables users to select 6 modes in turns Drilling,Tapping, Remove Tap, Implant, Remove,Lock Screw. Users can select them for each purpose.

Users can save 9 personal settings using memory button, which makes it possible to load the different settings immediately in terms of program mode, rpm, torque, coolant, speed, gear ratio, turn direction.

Powerful torque up to 70 – Reliable power under any operation conditions.

LED brightness up to 25,000 LUX – Excellent light effect can minimize shady spots.

Sterilizable and Reusable Irrigation tube that can be reused for at least 30 times (with rust-proof cutting edge material).

Thread cutting fuction is available in Tapping mode among 6 basic programs.

Easy to disassemble and assemble with one touch, handpiece is easy to clean and manage and extend the life of the product.

Functional design and anti-scratch surface treatment.

Power Supply voltage AC110 ~ 240V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 150VA
Max. Coolant flow rate 110ml/min
Fuse 2 x 250V – T2.0AH
Dimension 285mm(W) x 250mm(W) x 120mm(H)


Weight 8 kg