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86001P - Complete Surgery Kit (with min 10 Implants Purchase)

86001P - Complete Surgery Kit (with min 10 Implants Purchase)

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Paradigma Complete Surgery Kit 

40 Components High Quality Made in Italy - Surgical Steel Instruments - Drills with DLC Coating

Autoclavable Surgery Box
Surgical Organizer
Pilot Drill
Drill twisted 2,0 mm
Drill twisted 2,4 mm
Drill BRD 2,8 mm
Drill BRD 3,2 mm
Drill BRD 3,6 mm
Drill BDR 4,0 mm
Drill BDR 4,4 mm
Drill BDR 4,8 mm
Drill BDR 5,2 mm
Drill Cortical 3,4 mm
Drill Cortical 3,8 mm
Drill Cortical 4,3 mm
Drill Cortical 5,0 mm
Drill Cortical 5,6 mm
Drill extender
Drill stop 7 mm
Drill stop 9 mm
Drill stop 11 mm
Drill stop 13 mm
Drill stop 15 mm
Tissue Punch 3,4 mm
Tissue Punch 4,3 mm
Manual screwdriver Short
Manual screwdriver Medium
Manual screwdriver Long
Machine Implant driver Short
Machine Implant driver Long
Parallel pin (4pcs)
Implant Torque Wrench with Reverse
Manual Implant driver Short
Manual Implant driver Long
Implant distance indicator
Machine screwdriver Short
Machine screwdriver Long

Paradigma Implants are Bone Level, Internal Hex 2.4 Compatible Zimmer, Tapered, Blast-Acid-Plasma Surface, Reverse Ibride Neck, Pure German Titanium Grade 4, Sterile Gamma X-Rays. Visit for product's info, CE Certificate and IFU.

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Prime Quality

Implant packaging is complete with IFU in 27 languages, Patient Passport, Clinical Adhesive Labels (Box).

Safe Protection

Each Implant has both the Closing Cap and the Healing Cap. Provided with a sealed Anti Tampering Cap with a dedicated Implant Holder case made in Titanium for best protection and sterility guarantee.